Snow beautiful!

It looked snow beautiful at DZG as some of our animals explored the white stuff.

Despite being closed to visitors yesterday because of the wintry weather, our otters and red pandas in particular were having a ball.

Senior Primate Keeper Jodie Dryden caught some of the recent snowy scenes on camera and made this wonderful video.

Jodie said: “Although we have lots of animals who prefer to stay tucked up in the warm, many enjoy the snow and would experience similar, or even worse, conditions in the wild.

“Lynx are equipped with dense fur to keep them warm and the reindeer love it too as their wide feet enable them to walk on ice and snow.

“The otters have a blast when it snows, rolling around and burying their heads in it and the chimps like to get handfuls and take it indoors, even trying to eat it sometimes!”

Hope you enjoy our brrr-illiant snow video!