Snoring Inca

Asiatic black bear, Inca, is enjoying her annual semi-hibernation off show – and her snoring is echoing around the den!

The cold weather has lulled the 36 year-old into a deep sleep in her indoor quarters, where she’s snuggled in a straw bed.

Senior Keeper Sarah Evans, said: “Inca’s spending lots of time indoors asleep at the moment, but as soon as you go into the den you can hear her snoring!

“It’s so loud, sometimes you can hear her from outside as the sound echoes around the room, it’s quite funny to hear!”

Inca, who is the oldest Asiatic black bear in Europe, is expected to re-appear outside when the weather gets warmer, although she is still making the occasional trip out for food.

Sarah added: “Because she’s in a semi-hibernation she’s not eating as much as normal, as she doesn’t need as much energy and is using her fat reserve.

“We give her chicks, rats, quail and carnivore pellets to feed on, although she’s quite partial to fish, so she will sometimes wake if she smells something fishy.”

Listen to Inca in the short clip below – remember to turn up your volume!