Snakes pair up!

We’ve introduced a new breeding pair of snakes in the Reptile House following the arrival of a female to DZG.

Keepers have relocated the male Dumeril’s ground boa from the Discovery Centre into the reptile exhibit and paired him with a new female from Rodbaston College in Staffordshire.

Senior Keeper, Sam Grove, said: “The female is very large, so visitors will be able to spot the difference between the two very easily.

“They’ve gone into a newly renovated enclosure and we’re hoping we’ll welcome some baby boas in the near future.”

  • Visitors will also be able to see a new mixed exhibit in the Reptile House, as five common boas have moved in with our Sri Lankan python.
Did you know…
  • The Dumeril’s ground boa is native to the dry forests of south western Madagascar.
  • It is threatened by deforestation, as well as being hunted for food and the pet trade.
  • The gestation period for the boa is approximately seven months and the female gives birth to litters of up to six to 13 live young.