Sitting pretty on Dotto

Passengers on our quirky land train are sitting pretty thanks to a £15,000 seat and reupholstery makeover.

dzg_train_sally_1_0   The 2.5 litre diesel Dotto locomotive has transported thousands of families across site since its first zoo trip back in 1988, but all those bodies and buggies can be tough on the fabric.  

Head of Media and Communications, Jill Hitchman, said: “Dotto has done us proud for the past 26 years and is as popular as ever. However, constant usage means the seating gets worn, so we decided to reupholster the benches during its annual inspection, which is equivalent to a regular MOT.

“Dotto has to cope with steep hills and bends –?it’s a difficult course – so it’s important it runs efficiently, and is in good shape, too.”

She added: “It’s unusual for this type of vehicle to be in use on such a hilly site, you usually see them at the seaside, but it works very well and is a godsend to mums with tired youngsters and various buggies and belongings to carry as it means they can get up and down the castle hill to the heart of the gardens in minutes.”­