Sisters’ best day ever

Two sisters from Northamptonshire had a fantastic time when they became Zoo Keepers for the day.


Alice and Grace Bagniuk, travelled from Duston to shadow DZG’s keepers and met the cheeky Lemur Wood boys, tickled Brazilian tapirs, fed Patagonian sealions Orry and Cleo and our Humboldt penguins and flew birds of prey, while their mum caught up with family members in the town!

Alice, aged 15, said: “I liked the lemurs best as I was able to hold and feed them and I also enjoyed meeting the sealions, birds of prey and penguins.”

Grace, aged 17, said: “The lemurs were great to pet and I loved feeding the giraffes and the tapirs were also pretty cool too.”

Mum, Singy, said: “We have family in Dudley and as children, both my husband and I regularly visited Dudley Zoo – hence choosing Dudley over the other zoos.

“Both girls thought it was all a fantastic experience. Even though it was a cold and damp day, they both said it was one of the best days out they have ever had.”