Silurian fossil found

Keepers have unearthed a 420-million-year-old fossil near the wild dog enclosure.

web_dzg_fossil_1_2The large piece of Wenlock Limestone has now been donated to the Discovery Centre for presenters to use in their education workshops.

Presenter Langan Turner, pictured right, said: “The fossil is very impressive and clearly shows a piece of reef building coral on top, which tells us it would have grown in clear, tropical waters.

“This would date back to the Silurian period, so is probably around 420 million-years-old.

“Dudley is known worldwide for the quality of these fossils and we’re lucky to have found similar fossils across the zoo site, but this one is beautifully clear and tells us much more about the environment than any others we have, so we’re very grateful it was noticed, picked up and handed in to the Discovery Centre.”

Presenters will be using the fossil in forthcoming evolution and prehistoric life school workshops.


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