Shrove Tuesday treat!

DZG’s Bornean orang utans, Jazz and Sprout, had a Shrove Tuesday breakfast treat as keepers whipped up pancakes for the pair.


Senior Keeper Sophie Dugmore, pictured above, said: “Our orangs enjoy a well-balanced diet of fruit, vegetables and primate pellets, but we do give them the odd sweet treat on special occasions.”


Using the traditional eggs, flour and milk recipe, Sophie made up a batch of pancakes before facing a challenge to flip them over the moat to the girls who were ready and eagerly waiting to catch them!


Sophie added: “They were both reaching out for them before I’d even thrown them over and they even fished a few out of the moat from my bad throwing aim!

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“They certainly enjoyed tucking into them though as they were gone in a flash!”

See Sophie, Jazz and Sprout in action in the video below!