Showing the love for lemurs!

It’s Valentine’s Day and we’re showing the love for Madagascan lemurs today as we unveil a 30ft metal statue in their honour!

We’re passionate about helping create a better future for these enigmatic creatures and our five species of lemur – ring-tailed, black-and-white ruffed, red ruffed, collared and black – are all amazing ambassadors for their wild cousins.

But with the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) considering lemurs to be some of the world’s most endangered mammals on the planet, they’re facing a heartbreaking future with 90 per cent of the population facing extinction.

The species faces threats from deforestation and habitat loss due to logging and agriculture as well as being targeted by hunters and poachers.

We’ve been keen supporters of Lemur Conservation Association (AEECL), for a number of years where we help fund primary school teachers to educate the Malagasy people to protect local habitats, which in turn protects the lemurs’ future.

But in another bid to spread our declaration of love for lemurs, we’ve commissioned local sculptor and zoo member, Luke Perry, to help us highlight the species’ heartrending plight with the giant steel statue, entitled ‘Leap of Faith’ which we’ll be unveiling to the press and public at 2.30pm in Lemur Wood.

If you’re on site today come and join us or check back tomorrow to see more on the big reveal!