Shorn for summer

Farm favourites, Barley and Crunchy the alpacas, are enjoying summer after having their woolly coats shorn off.

dzg_alpaca6    dzg_alpaca6

The pair are getting used to their gangly new look after DZG curators and the zoo vet sheared the thick fleeces of 12 year-old Crunchy and 13 year-old Barley.



  DZG Curator, Matt Lewis, said: “It was quite a team effort to shear both alpacas and took just over an hour to carry out.

“We took the decision to slightly sedate them so they didn’t get too distressed and it also gave us the opportunity to give them a full health check as well as we examined their feet and teeth.

“They do look quite funny without their fleece, but it will soon begin to grow back again, but I think they are probably quite glad to be without them with the current weather.”                   dzg_alpaca6