Sheila’s perfect present!

A thoughtful daughter hit upon the perfect birthday present for her 60 year-old animal loving mum.

Kimberley Carter organised for herself and her mum, Sheila, to become Zoo Keepers for a Day here at DZG and travelled all the way from Thatcham in Berkshire for the experience.


Kimberley, said: “It is so hard to choose favourite parts of the day because it was all so different yet equally amazing.

“We adored the lemurs and couldn’t believe how friendly and gentle they were – even when they were trying to get food out of our hands.

“It was also amazing to be able to get so close to the giraffes, quite literally eye to eye and it was such a great experience to be able to feed them, even with the dribble!


“The tapirs were the real surprise of the day, they are so tame and love their cuddles.

“Every single one of the keepers that looked after us that day were amazing. They were so knowledgeable on their animals and enthusiastic. They really did make the day extra special for us! I highly recommend Dudley Zoo to anyone that wants to experience being a zoo keeper for a day, they couldn’t be in better hands!”