Sew impressive!

Just hours to go to the Big Toddle and nothing to wear! 

anna_superhero4_webThat was the dilemma facing Customer Services Team Leader, Anna Bradbury, on Tuesday but in true Superwoman style she grabbed her sewing machine, pulled out some shiny fabric and rustled up a Superhero outfit before you could say Save The World.

Anna said: “I ran out of time to buy an outfit for the Toddle, so I used whatever material I could find in the cupboard at home to make a cloak, mask and belt and then dug out an old T shirt to complete the look.

“Lots of fellow Toddlers at yesterday’s event asked me where I bought it and were really surprised when I told them I had made it myself.”

CAPTION: Supermodel: Anna shows off the Superwoman outfit she made for DZG’s Barnardos Toddle.