Seven little piggies

There were squeals of delight from keepers when they discovered seven adorable piglets in the farm barn.


First-time mum, Poppy, has quickly taken to motherhood and is busy caring for the five boys and two girls.

The birth is also a first for the farm, after keepers introduced Poppy to resident micro pig, Harley.  


Keepers have also decided on names for the newest additions and are delighted to introduce Little Ernie, Hamm, Chuck, Brian, Wilba, Dolly and Jemima.

Trainee Keeper, Clare Westwood, said: “Poppy is a first time mum and we were worried how she would handle it, but she’s been absolutely brilliant and seems really happy.


“The babies are all doing really well and are growing quickly. They are certainly getting lots of coos from visitors.

“Although Harley seems to be a little bit jealous of all the attention they’re getting and keeps peeking over the stall wall so visitors know he’s there as well!”


Micro pigs are the smallest breed of pig and weigh just nine ounces at birth.

Gestation is a precise three months, three weeks and three days.