Seven little piggies weaned

Our seven micro piglets are growing quickly and are now all fully weaned from mum’s milk.


Three-month-old Little Ernie, Hamm, Chuck, Brian, Wilba, Dolly and Jemima are now eating the same pig nuts and fruit and vegetable treats as mum Poppy and dad Harley.

The septuplets, who can be found in the farm barn, are also being entertained with enrichment boxes filled with delicious delights by keepers.

Trainee keeper, Clare Westwood, said: “I fill nine cereal boxes with pig nuts, carrots, bananas and apple pieces and then give Poppy and Harley and the piglets one each before we leave for the day.

“They have to work out how to get the food out of the boxes; it keeps them entertained through the night, although there is quite a mess to clear up in the morning.


“They love them and each take a box to get stuck into, although Harley has got the technique down to a tee and has worked out how to open the box flaps and get into his treat box as soon as he has it.”

CAPTION: Trainee keeper Alex Randle hands out enrichment treats to the piglets.