School’s out!

School’s out and we’re looking forward to welcoming thousands of families to DZG over the next few weeks.


Our four Colombian spider monkeys, Valentine, Charlie, Chester and Evita, are getting ready to enjoy some summer sunshine in their comfy hammock, while staff are gearing up to help educate visitors about some of the world’s rarest animals through our informative talks and feeds.

Our new summer holiday programme kicks off today and there’s even a chance to get up close and personal with a furry or scaly critter each day in the Discovery Centre and between 12 – 12.45pm and 2.15 – 4.30pm you can meet our animals down on the farm.

Our events kick off at 11.30am every morning and conclude at 4pm and cover some of our most popular species, so make sure you check out your What’s On guide given upon entry.

11.30am          Go Wild! in the Go Wild Theatre

12pm               Castle bird of prey display

12.15pm          Sea lion talk and feed


12.30pm          Otter talk and feed

12.45pm          Giraffe talk and feed

1pm                 Tiger talk

1.30pm            Meet a creature in the Discovery Centre

2.15pm            Go Wild! in the Go Wild Theatre

2.45pm            Sea lion talk and feed

3pm                 Penguin talk and feed

3.15pm            Meerkat talk and feed

3.15pm            Meet a chimp keeper

3.30pm            Meet a creature in the Discovery Centre

4pm                 Ghost walk from the castle courtyard

And there’s still chance to sign up animal-loving youngsters for our School Schools, running for three weeks throughout August. For more details CLICK HERE.