Scent-sational playtime

We’re offering to recycle your unwanted perfumes and aftershaves, so we can provide scent-sational playtime for our rarest animals!

Keepers regularly use strong scents as enrichment for our big cats and some of our primates, which encourages them to use natural behaviours – watch as Asiatic lion, Kyra, puts on her perfume this morning!

Assistant Curator Jay Haywood, said: “For the likes of our lynx, lions, tigers and leopards, we squirt perfumes and aftershaves on posts and climbing frames around their enclosures to encourage them to track the strange scent, while we squirt blankets and sheets with different fragrances to give to primates, including our chimpanzees, who will pick up on a smell they like or dislike.

“Unfortunately our stocks are running low, so if any of our half term visitors have unwanted bottles they can donate to us, we’d be very grateful.”

Donations can be dropped off with our Customer Services Team in the Safari Shop.