Scent-sational birthday breakfast!

A scent-sational birthday breakfast was served up to our handsome seven year-old Sumatran tiger Joao this morning.

To celebrate his big day, keepers used some heart-shaped hose reel enrichment, which they’d left in used giraffe bedding overnight and stuffed it full of his favourite meaty chunks before hanging it from the outdoor climbing frame for him to find.

Keeper Josh Luxton said: “We’ve had a new bungee rope which we attached the hose heart for Joao to pull against.

“The strong scent caught his attention as soon as he came outside and he headed straight for his birthday gift.”

Keepers regularly use different scent enrichment with our big cats to encourage natural behaviours.

We’re also sending many happy returns to Jimandi our lovely Bactrian camel, who’s nine today!