Say hello to Keke

Our baby Sulawesi crested macaque is coming on leaps and bounds and she’s now got a name!

Say hello to Keke – which means girl in Minahasan – the language of people in Northern Sulawesi in Indonesia, the native home of the critically endangered species.

Keke was born to mum, Jasmine and dad, Tambo at the end of January and keepers are thrilled with her progress.

Senior Keeper Jade Reddall said: “Keke is doing really well and is now starting to come off mum.

“We’ve noticed Jasmine is allowing her to practise her independent walking in the safety of the indoor den and we’ve seen Tambo grooming her, which is a really good sign for a first-time dad.

In the wild, Sulawesi crested macaques are a highly threatened species, which has faced a reduction in numbers by 90 per cent over the last three decades. Threats include habitat loss due to farming and deforestation, as well as the illegal bush meat trade and the pet trade.

If you’re visiting us during half term, make sure you pay our new family a visit – you can find them on the bank enclosure directly opposite the Safari Shop.