Say hello to Hector

Ornate horned frog, Hector, has become a firm favourite with visitors to the Discovery Centre.


Originating from South America, there are several types of ornate horned frog; most live in rainforests, but others are found on the drier pampas grasslands.

Presenter Langan Turner said: “Hector is a jungle variety and his blotches of colour help to camouflage him on the gloomy forest floor.

“An ornate horned frog’s most distinctive feature is its immense wide mouth, leading to its nicknames of the ‘Mouth-on-Legs’ or the ‘Pac-Man Frog’.

DZG-frog-4-web“They are the ultimate ambush predators since they simply sit quietly and try to swallow anything that walks past their mouth, with prey including creepy-crawlies, lizards, frogs and small mammals!”

CAPTION: Presenter Becky Iwahashi with ornate horned frog Hector.