Say cheese!

Brazilian tapir, Chico, was on hand to show one young visitor how to pose for photographs and give a big toothy grin for keepers!


Edward Williamson was taking part in a Little Zoo Keeper experience when he met and was photographed with our tapir family as part of his jam-packed day.

Edward said: “I really enjoyed my day at Dudley Zoo and I would really like to go again.


Say cheese! Chico manages an even bigger, toothier grin for the camera!

“This photo was taken of me having a good time with the zoo’s Brazilian tapirs, but my favourite part was when I got to feed the penguins with a huge crowd watching.”

Edward, who would like to become a vet when he is older, travelled from Leicester for his experience.

The day spent at the zoo working behind the scenes helped fuel his future career ambitions and he even got advice off DZG’s CEO Peter Suddock, who spoke to Edward and his family as they headed off site after their busy day.