Sarah joins big cat crew!

Keeper, Sarah Evans, is getting used to the ear-piercing roar of DZG’s lions and tigers as she begins working alongside big cats.

Sarah is joining four other Senior Keepers on the Big Cat section, where she’ll be caring for the site’s carnivorous animals including lions, tigers, snow leopards, hunting dogs, lynx and also sealions.


Senior Keeper, Adam Walker, who is mentoring Sarah, said: “Although Sarah is already knowledgeable about all the big cats we look after here at DZG, she now needs to learn all the practical everyday aspects, including cleaning routines, diets, health requirements, records and, in particular, the safety procedures involved with each species.

“At the moment she is shadowing us as we go about our daily duties, but she’s a very quick learner and a hardworking member of the team, so she’ll soon pick it up and be ready to do it on her own in no time.

“By then she’ll also be used to having a lion roar in her face and not flinch a muscle!”