Santa’s new sleigh-pullers

It may be Easter Monday, but we’ve let Santa know he’s got extra sleigh-pullers this Christmas, as we’ve had two baby reindeer born – and they’re very cute!

Genie was born on April 14th to five year-old mum, Jasmine and Winnie arrived two days later to mum, Sunflower, also five.

Dad to both calves is six year-old Kenny, who only joined our herd last year.

Gestation is around seven months and both adult females are first-time mothers with our new mums and babes doing splendidly!

We hope Santa will be returning to his grotto in the 11th century Dudley Castle this Christmas, when he’ll be able to meet Genie and Winnie, so watch this space for more details of our Christmas festivities…and maybe news of a few more tiny hooves too!