Sales support conservation

Did you know you help DZC support in-situ animal conservation projects across the globe by purchasing the £1.50 nectar pots to feed our Australian rainbow lorikeets.

Daily sales of the sweet liquid in Lorikeet Lookout is currently being put towards our fundraising for Sintang Orangutan Center in Indonesia, where we’re helping fund a Forest School, which will allow around eight rescued orangutans the chance to learn basic survival skills before being released into protected wild forests.

But during on-site fundraising drives for specific animal awareness days, we’ll be boosting individual totals with money raised through the nectar sales that day – including this week’s International Orangutan Day on Friday – and we’ll be revealing what will be happening on site that day soon!

Nectar sales have already topped up donations for World Tapir Day, World Parrot Day, World Camel Day, World Giraffe Day, World Chimpanzee Day and Global Tiger Day.

A big ‘Thank You’ to everyone who purchases nectar and feeds our colourful birds, you’ve played a vital part in our conservation fundraising.