Stock up on stocking fillers

If you’re hunting for stocking fillers for children this Christmas, then look no further than our Safari Shop, which has an array of perfectly small-sized goodies!

Topping the list are £3.99 pots of slime, available in a host of rainbow colours, which also come with an accompanying goo wristband.

Also how about our Christmas elf hatch eggs, priced £5.99? Simply pop the egg in water and watch as your elf hatches from the egg and grows!

Or why not add our DZG Top Trumps to your basket?

The £4.99 educational card game features photographs and fun facts of animals from across the 40-acre zoo site.

And don’t forget the huge range of our £4.99 DZG tiny cuddly animals, there’s bound to be a favourite species amongst them!

All purchases help DZG contribute to vital conservation projects, so don’t forget to have a browse the next time you’re on site.