Sadness at wild dog deaths

DZC is saddened to announce the deaths of its elderly African wild dogs, Subira and Ochi.

Both dogs had been receiving veterinary care for age-related illnesses, but following a sudden unexpected deterioration of 12 year-old female, Subira, over the last few days, the decision was made to put her to sleep this morning.
On welfare grounds, the veterinary team also euthanised ten year-old Ochi, who was also undergoing long-term veterinary treatment, as he would not have survived on his own.
Zoo Curator Richard Brown said: “Euthanising an animal is always a difficult decision to make, but it was ultimately the right decision on ethical and welfare grounds for both Subira and Ochi.
“African wild dogs are social pack animals and solitary living is extremely rare, so Ochi couldn’t have lived on his own, or have been integrated in with a younger pack.
“Our wild dogs have always been a popular species on site and there were imminent plans afoot to relocate them to a new enclosure, but the health of the animals always take priority and unfortunately the unexpected turn of events over the last few days forced our hand into making the kindest decision possible for the pair.
“As expected, zoo staff are extremely saddened by their passing.”