S.s.superb supper for meerkats

DZG meerkats enjoyed a s.s.splendid feast served up inside snake skins.


websnakeskin_0Upper Primates Keepers saved snake sloughs for the enrichment exercise designed to encourage the meerkats to feed how they would in the wild.

Below and right – Senior Keeper Sam Grove with one of the snake skins.


Ungulates Senior Keeper Jodie Dryden stuffed treats inside the skins – which had been frozen for a month to kill any diseases and then thawed out – and captured their natural feeding behaviour on camera.


Jodie said: “The snake skins went down a treat!

“I filled some with cat biscuits inside the skin so the meerkats had to break open the skin to get to them.

“In the wild they would naturally kill a snake if they had the opportunity so they were displaying natural behaviours.

“They got slightly aggressive to the skins, scent marked a lot and continued to smell the skins even when the biscuits where gone.”

Watch how the snake skin supper went down with the meerkats in our short clip below.