Rotten logs for Romy

As the recent snow fell outside, our giant anteater, Romy, was kept entertained indoors with a host of rotten logs which provided her with a host of exciting bug-finding opportunities.

The two-year-old loves a good root through the soil in her front den in her search for hidden natural treats, so keepers added bucket loads to her off-show back dens too, as well as the rotten wood.

Senior Keeper Sam Grove, said: “Due to the severe weather, we had to keep Romy inside so gave her plenty of enrichment to keep her busy.

“We didn’t add anything to the logs before we placed them onto the dirt in her den, but there must have been something on them that took her fancy as she spent ages rolling them around, breaking bits off with her sharp claws and sniffing and licking them with her snout and tongue.”

Anteaters have no teeth and use their long tongues, which can project more than two feet, to eat up to 35,000 ants and termites a day in the wild.

Here at DZG, her diet consists of a gruel mixture, which keepers make up daily from a nutritious powder form, as well as liquidised avocado, which is her favourite food.