Root of the problem!

DZG’s vet got to the root of the problem when a Gelada baboon developed a painful abscess on his left cheek.

After noticing Femi’s left cheek was beginning to swell, keepers sedated the young male and whisked him off the dentist for a closer inspection.


Vet Peter Stewart was soon able to discover Femi’s rear left molar had become infected and caused the large abscess.

After extracting the bad tooth, Mr Stewart – pictured below – then had to drain the fluid-filled sore out through Femi’s cheek, before leaving it open to heal naturally.


Lower Primates Keeper, Neil Flockhart, said: “Femi certainly looks like he has been in the wars at the moment.

“When animals need to have wounds drained, most can have small tubes inserted and the majority of the wound stitched up, but because primates could easily pull out the tube, Femi’s cheek had to be left open to drain itself over time as it is imperative all of the infected fluid is cleared.

“His cheek will completely heal up, but will just take a bit longer than normal.”

Following surgery, Femi was returned back to his Baboons on the Bank paddock, where keepers are closely monitoring his    progress and administering daily antibiotics to prevent any further infection.

Neil added: “Femi was very groggy at first, but it didn’t take long for him to get back to his normal self and he was soon ready to eat, which is always a great sign.

“We’re still keeping a close eye on him at the moment and checking his wound every day, but it is beginning to heal up already, which we’re really pleased about.”