Romy’s weigh-ins

Keepers have been working closely with giant anteater, Romy, to ensure she stays fit and healthy with weekly weigh-ins.

They’ve built weighing scales into the back off-show enclosure, which the two year-old has to walk onto to get to her feeding bowl.

Senior Keeper Sam Grove, said: “We’ve attached her feeding bowl on to the other side of the fence, so Romy has to step fully onto the scales to get to her food, which she licks up with her tongue through the mesh.

“Although she has to stand on the scales every day, she’s totally unaware she’s doing it.

“We only record the readings from Monday morning breakfast and because her whole weight is on the scales we know we’re going to get an accurate measure.”

Keepers are keeping track of her weight and adjusting her food intake accordingly.

Romy is fed twice a day with a gruel mixture, which keepers mix daily from a nutritious powder, as well as occasional treats of avocado – her favourite food!

Watch Romy lap up her favourite avocado treat in the short video below…