Romy’s regime

Romy, our adorable giant anteater, has been given her own weekly workout to keep her occupied through the night.

Keeper Josh Luxton has devised a timetable of interesting exercises for two-year-old Romy so she is kept active and stimulated as she searches for treats in her indoor area.

It features a puzzle maze feeder on Mondays, a tube feeder on Tuesdays, rotten logs on Wednesdays and Saturdays, a water bottle activity on Thursdays, a taste board on Fridays and a type of enrichment toy called a kong on Sundays.

Josh, who put together the programme and built the devices in his own time, said: “Because Romy has to go inside overnight during colder weather I wanted to make sure she had plenty to do, so we leave her with a new activity each evening.

“This will give her plenty of variety and keep her guessing about how to get to treats which include mealworms, black crickets and her favourite mango and passion fruit yogurt.”

He said keepers across our 40-acre site were always thinking about enrichment and new ways to make feeding times more exciting for our animals and said he had plenty of ideas he planned to roll out in the future.

Hope you enjoy your new routine Romy!