Romy turns two!

Giant anteater, Romy, turns two today and has been enjoying splashing in her swimming pool!

So much so, that keepers are letting her stay out past bedtime and are returning to tuck her in for the night at around 10pm on warm evenings.

Senior Keeper Sam Grove, said: “We tend to find Romy comes out in the late afternoon and during sunny days she loves exploring her enclosure and taking a dip in the pool, so we let her enjoy a few extra hours out before coming back and getting her in for the night.”

Romy moved into her larger enclosure earlier this year, which also includes the pool, an outdoor arc shelter and a two-metre-tall termite mound, which keepers will be filling with some of her favourite treats today – with avocado topping the list.

If you’re visiting, swing by her enclosure and wish her Happy Birthday!