Romy laps up new feeder!

Giant anteater, Romy, is lapping up her new enrichment device.

The fun puzzle maze feeder has been donated by DZG Customer Services Team Member, Laura Partridge for the two-year-old mammal and keepers immediately put it to use by filling it with natural yoghurt and mealworms.

Senior Keeper, Sam Grove, said: “The puzzle feeder is typically used for cats and dogs and is intended to slow down feeding habits, which we wanted to do with Romy.

“It proved to be an instant hit with her as she has to work her long tongue all around the maze to get to the food and she spent longer eating in comparison to food in her round, plain bowl.”

Laura, who is one of our Little Zoo Keeper experience leaders, said: “Romy is one of my favourite animals at the zoo and I’m always asking questions about her, so when her keepers mentioned they were looking at ways to prolong her feeding times, I decided to purchase the maze feeder for her to try and I’m glad it’s worked.”