Roger’s green gift

DZG has benefited from a blooming kind donation from a Stourbridge man.


Roger Panter has donated 25 young native oak saplings after reading how we were planting 600 new trees on site to mark our 76th anniversary.

Roger said: “My stepson got married over two years ago and gave out these trees and lavender plants as his favours.

“These were the surplus that I’ve nurtured ever since. I didn’t want to just discard them as they are native species, so when I read on Facebook that Dudley Zoo was planting 600 trees I thought I would ring and ask if the gardeners wanted mine.

“I’m absolutely delighted that they will be put to good use and won’t go to waste.”

The new additions will join recently planted field maple, English oak and common beech saplings across the site.

DZG Head Gardener Carl Stevens – pictured right with Roger – said: “We are very grateful for Roger’s donation.

“We are currently planting up the hillside with native species, so the new trees will fit in extremely well and will flourish and be admired by visitors for years to come.”