Rio departure, Dakota arrival

Saki monkey, Rio, has moved to the Small Primate House to make way for a little romance in Monkey Tails!


Female, Dakota, translocated from Copenhagen Zoo to join Rio’s brother, Dej, in the walkthrough exhibit as part of a major conservation programme.

Keepers are hopeful four-year-old Dakota – pictured above, left with Dej – and her new beau will become a breeding pair.

Lower Primates keeper, Neil Flockhart, said: “Dakota and Dej hit it off straight away. As soon as they met they were chattering and displaying to each other, which is as a fantastic sign that they’re getting on.”

Unlike male white-faced Saki monkeys who are black with a white face and black nose, females are brown in colour, with white stripes along the side of the nose.

Babies are born the same colour as females and start displaying their adult shading around two months of age.