Revamp for reindeer

Our reindeer enclosure has had a major revamp which has seen 40 tonnes of gravel added to the area.


ABOVE – Home comforts… The reindeer appear to be finding the new surface very comfortable

Gardeners had to hire in specialist equipment including diggers and dumper trucks for three days to complete the work.


ABOVE AND BELOW – Gardeners Conor Waldron and Anthony Gwilt helped carry out the reindeer revamp


Section Leader Jay Haywood said: “We replace the gravel in the reindeer paddock every two to three years to ensure the ground doesn’t become boggy and it also makes sure the animals’ hooves stay nice and healthy.”

Farewell to five

The work was completed just as five of our reindeer have left DZG to join another breeding collection in Bristol.

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Boys Acer, Ash and Hickory and females Teasel and Holly have gone to a new home at The Wild Place Project, Bristol Zoo’s sister attraction.

Dr David Beeston, Registrar and Research Co-ordinator, said: “The five leaving us will form part of a new breeding group in Bristol and make space for us to continue our own breeding programme in the future.”

LEFT – DZG staff Curator Richard Brown, Keeper Adam Wrench and Apprentice Keeper Ellis Robinson say so long to five reindeer as staff from The Wild Place Project come to collect them