Reptile revelation!

Education staff made a delightful discovery after two ‘male’ dragons donated to the zoo turned out to be a boy and a girl.

The pair of Rankin’s dragons – smaller cousins of the bearded dragon – were both thought to be boys when they were handed in to our Education staff for use with visiting school parties and other youngsters.

Smaller dragons can be tricky to sex but the presenting team had a nice surprise when they found out they were actually a couple. They have given the male the Welsh name Tristan and called the female Daenerys, after the mother of dragons in Game of Thrones.

Presenter Heather John said: “We thought we were getting a couple of boys but it was a wonderful surprise when it turned out to be a loved-up couple.

“They are both around four years old so, fingers crossed, we may get baby dragons one day.”

Tristan and Daenerys will be used for school workshops, creature features and eventually for Little Zoo Keeper experiences.