Reptile House has new residents

Dudley Zoo’s Reptile House has welcomed eight new residents – and some new greenery to make them feel at home!


We have five new juvenile dart frogs and three female tokay geckos, pictured above, which are all settling in well at DZG.

The dart frogs came to us from West Midland Safari Park and the geckos from Knowsley Safari Park.

And instead of using artificial plants inside their new homes, we’ve added real plants thanks to a special deal from Thornton Nurseries in Leicestershire.


Senior Keeper Sam Grove, pictured above with the plants, said: “In the past we’ve used artificial greenery but real plants look nicer and are better at keeping the humidity at a consistent rate.

“We’ve changed the plants in six enclosures so far and plan to replace them all with real foliage eventually.”

Sam said the keepers would have to handle the dart frogs carefully, wearing gloves, as their skin is poisonous and said they hoped to find a mate for the female geckos.

He added: “We are now looking for a male tokay gecko to form a breeding group.

“They have an impressive call which is how they get their name, as it sounds like they are saying tokay!”

Why not welcome our newcomers when you’re next in the Reptile House?