Reindeer guide helps Santa

Santa will have no problems identifying DZG’s reindeer for sleigh duties after they received formal ID profiles this week.


Ungulates Keeper Adam Wrench, pictured above, has gathered information on all 14 members of our herd and produced individual fact sheets enabling staff to identify each one at a glance.

?Adam said: “I photographed each reindeer then put together individual sheets containing their images and information such as dates of birth, sex and parent details.

“This will make it easier for section staff to distinguish each reindeer from a distance, not just from looking at their ear tags.”

Every reindeer in the 14-strong herd is tagged, using a similar technique to human ear piercing.

The plastic ear tag contains a unique number and code which relates specifically to the individual reindeer and remains with the animal throughout its lifetime, allowing keepers to keep track of behaviour, diet and health.

The tag also links the animal to DZG should it be transferred to another collection – and is particularly helpful to Santa when choosing his team of nine reindeer to pull that heavy sleigh on Chrstmas Eve!