Reindeer boys hit scales

Four adolescent male reindeer have taken to the scales as part of their annual health check.

Keepers rigged up new digital weighing scales with a wooden top, to transform them into a weighing platform for 18-month-olds Acer, Oak, Ash and Hickory to stand on.


Assistant Curator, Richard Brown, said: “The scales are portable, so that we can manouevre them around site wherever we need them. Knowing the exact weights of our animals is important, especially if we need to administer medicine or sedation so that we can give the right dosage.

“We’re aiming to record the weight of every animal on site and this is the first time we’ve attempted the reindeer with the new equipment and we weren’t sure how they would react, but the boys stepped on the platform with ease and stood there while we recorded the data and their weights are all what we expected them to be for their age.”


The accurate weights of the four will also be added to their individual ZIMS health records.

Pictured above: Ungulates Team Leader, Jay Haywood, records the weight of DZG’s adolescent male reindeer.