Red panda research

DZG’s red panda, Yasmin, has given her support to an international research project.

Keepers were asked to send off a fresh faecal sample from the 11-year-old panda using specific sampling equipment to researchers in Germany, who will obtain genetic information from her deposit.

Section Leader, Jay Haywood, said: “Yasmin is one of 185 red pandas across Europe who have been specifically selected to take part in the study.

“It is hoped the results will generate a realistic image of the genetic status of the European red panda population and help the international studbook improve the long-term management of the captive group.

“Unbeknown to Yasmin she’s carrying out vital work and we look forward to reading the results in the coming months.”

The study will be carried out by Senckenberg Research Institute, National History Museum Frankfurt and Georg-August-University Gottingen and has been funded by WWF Germany. 


Pictured: Trainee Keeper, Josh Luxton, collects the faecal sample from DZG’s red panda