Red panda renovations

A zoo collection should be ever improving and we’ve been busy over the last few months renovating a number of animal enclosures.

And our new red panda pair, Ember and Carko, are already making themselves at home in their fabulous new-look exhibit.

Our in-house Development Team have transformed the hillside enclosure opposite the giraffe paddock, building a new large, wooden climbing frame, nesting boxes, an indoor on-show house, as well as installing new fencing, signage and glass windows around a redeveloped public viewing area.

Plus, the exhibit is sporting lots of freshly planted bamboo, some of which was donated via our visitor appeal for the rooted plant earlier this year, so thank you to everyone who helped!

Did you know you can adopt our red pandas? All funds raised through purchases of adoption packages support in-situ conservation programmes around the globe, as well as helping pay for enrichment treats for the animals here at the zoo.

Following his arrival to DZC earlier this month, 11-month-old Carko, has recently been added to our animal adoptions list and with one year-old female, Ember, currently the zoo’s most adopted animal, we’re sure Carko will be just as popular with visitors!

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