Red alert for lories

A yellow-backed chattering lorikeet, named Red, is helping presenters highlight the plight of his endangered species by starring in our daily Go Wild! shows.


webloryPresenter Pam Midwood said: “The yellow-backed chattering lories are a threatened species in the wild and unfortunately around 5,000 are caught every year for the pet trade alone.

“Along with deforestation, this has meant the lory population has decreased by between 30 to 50 per cent in just the last 20 years.”

Pam said looking out for the Rainforest Alliance logo on food products was a good place to start in helping save the species in the wild.

“If people buy foods with the Rainforest Alliance logo on, they can be assured those products have been created in a sustainable way,” she added.

See Red in full flight in our video and find out what YOU can do to help his threatened species . . .