Recycling the decorations!

DZG’s animals are enjoying their own festive fun now it’s time to take down the decorations.

Keepers are recycling the Christmas fir trees from Santa’s recent grotto in the 11th century Dudley Castle by adding them into the enclosures of many of the site’s animals.

The trees not only provide exciting enrichment opportunities for the various species as they play with the branches, but the animals also go wild for the strong pine scent – and from the looks of it our littlest Sulawesi crested macaque, Summer, pictured top right, couldn’t quite believe her eyes at the ginormous tree that was added into their enclosure.

Assistant Curator, Jay Haywood, said: “Many of our animals love Christmas trees and we’ve been adding them into the big cat, mongoose and primate enclosures.

“They obviously don’t get to have this kind of enrichment all year round, so it’s nice to do something seasonal and it’s great to see what they do with them, whether it’s drag them about, play in the branches or shred them – the possibilities are endless!”

Any leftover grotto trees are chipped by our gardening team and used as floor covering across the site.