Recycle & reuse

From collecting drinks cans and plastic bottles from visitors to reusing cardboard parcel boxes and bedsheets as enrichment for our animals, we try to reuse and recycle as much as we can here at DZC and we’re encouraging others to do the same this Global Recycling Day!

We recycle printer toners and cartridges in the zoo offices; shredded paper is used as animal bedding for some of our smaller species and even the cooking oil from the Queen Mary Restaurant is reused to create biofuels for vehicles.

Plus, old zoo keeper work boots are currently being repurposed as alternative bird houses on site.

And what have our giraffes, Kubwa, Josie and Kira, got to do with our recycling? Well, we also send off our animal waste once a month to be recycled into fertiliser and our giraffes definitely produce the most poo each day!

You can do your bit on Global Recycling Day by taking part in local authority recycling initiatives or support charity shops with a clear out of unwanted clothing and household items.