Real life Pokémon!

We’re gearing up for our second Pokémon Friday event today and highlighting some of the animals we’ve got here at DZG, which also feature in the viral app game!


With nine Pokéstops located around the zoo’s 40-acre site and a gym in the11th century castle courtyard, we’re overrun with the critters and are encouraging gamers to come and catch ‘em all at a discounted admission rate every Friday throughout August.

Presenter Langan Turner, said: “Some people don’t realise that many of the Pokémon creatures are based on real-life animals, many of which you can see and discover more about on your day out at DZG as well as learning about some of the conservation projects we’re involved in.”

Some of the real animals we have here, which feature in Pokémon are…

SQUIRTLE – Terrapin – Lorikeet Lookout

PSYDUCK – Duck – Waterfowl Pond

DROWZI – Tapir – South American paddock (pictured with DZG Senior Keeper, Jodie Dryden)

CHARMANDER – Salamander – Discovery Centre

ZUBAT – Bats – Castle Creatures

MAGIKARP – Koi Carp – Lorikeet Lookout

KANGASKHAN – Kangaroo – located by tapirs

HOOTHOOT – Owl – aviaries

SPINARAK – Spider – Discovery Centre / Castle Creatures  

URSARING – Asiatic Black Bear – adjacent to the tiger enclosure

SEALEO – Sealion – Moat pool

PYROAR – Lion – Lion Ridge

CHATOT – Lovebird – Adjacent to the orang utan house

HEATMOR – Giant Anteater – opposite the barbary sheep 

And our presenters are even looking at adding Pokémon themes into some of their educational school sessions to help get conservation messages across to some of our younger visitors.

Langan added: “It’s all about making connections that children can relate to and understand, so potentially there are ways we can bring Pokémon into workshops, especially with life cycle education sessions.

“Pokémon have three stage life cycles and some of them are based on real animal life cycles, such as the butterfly or Butterfree as it’s known in Pokémon.”

Enjoy reduced admission on Fridays throughout August, by printing off and handing in THIS VOUCHER, which admits up to four people, with adult entry at £10.25 and children £7.25.

And to aid gamers on their hunt, we’ve made up posters to identify where each of the Pokémon hotspots are – so keep an eye out as you walk around the site.