Raven’s ice surprise

Jill the raven had an ice surprise when keepers made a special lollipop just for her!

dzg_jill_ice3_3After seeing the Lemurs tucking into their fruity ice lollies in the sunny weather, Bird Keepers decided to create a bird-friendly version just for the friendly raven.

Filling a latex glove with water and her favourite mealworm treats and a few sprats, keepers popped the glove in the freezer before peeling back the layer to reveal the hand-shaped lollipop!

Birds Section Leader, Kellie Piper, said: “We thought we would try Jill with an ice lolly after seeing some of the other animals enjoying theirs, so we came up with this concoction.

“As soon as we put it on the floor she came straight down off her branch and began pecking it. It was definitely a hit, so I think we’ll be making some more!”

Leah flies to the sun

Meanwhile Leah the Common buzzard has also been making the most of the sunny weather.

During the Bird of Prey show in the castle courtyard, Leah decided she wanted to soak up a few sunrays before returning back to her enclosure and flew off onto the hill, where she sat down and spread out her wings, forcing Section Leader, Kellie Piper – pictured below – to clamber up and fetch her back down.