Rat baby births!


Four baby rats have been born in the Discovery Centre.

Male Ace and his sister siblings, Lightning, Jet and Rebel were born to 18-month-old mum, Smarty on July 9.

Press Officer, Rachel Hickman, said, said: “The babies are doing really well and are growing rapidly every day.  Ace is completely black in colour, while his sisters are brown, grey and white.

“We’ve handled them almost since birth, so they are very used to us and we’re hoping to train them up to star in the Go Wild Show!”

Presenters will be training the rats to scuttle around the theatre’s rope course, like older cousin, Ninja.

Gestation is 20- 23 days. Babies will open their eyes on day 14, while their ears will open on day 13.

Rats typically live two to four years.