Raising penguin awareness

We’re celebrating the wonderful world of penguins today as we raise awareness about the fascinating flightless birds.

Penguin Awareness Day falls annually on January 20 and shines the spotlight on the popular black and white birds, whose numbers are dwindling day by day.

Here at DZG we hold a colony of 80 Humboldts, living in our walkthrough Penguin Bay exhibit, which allows visitors the chance to get close to the endangered species via a decked walkway with glass viewing, separating a pool and a beach area.

Since starting our colony in 1991, we’ve had great success with breeding and recently a group of our juveniles left to form new colonies at other collections around the country.

Did you know you can watch the antics of our birds with our webcam, which streams live from the penguin pool – see what’s happening right now…

Penguin camera

Find out more about penguins during our talk and feed at 3pm each day.