Raising funds for penguins

Ahead of next week’s World Penguin Day, we’ll be raising awareness and funds on Sunday for our most popular birds on site!

Bird keepers will be raising money for Sphenisco, which works in Chile and Peru to save the Humboldt penguin from extinction.

Visitors can find out more out the species, as well as helping us raise funds by taking part in penguin-themed games for the chance to win an adoption of one of our newly-hatched chicks.

One lucky recipient could also win a large penguin cuddly toy, worth £27.99, by correctly guessing its name.

Section Leader, Nicola Wright, pictured above, said: “We’re looking forward to celebrating World Penguin Day with fun and games to help get our important conservation message out about the plight of Humboldt penguins, of which we have one of the largest captive colonies in the UK and hopefully raising funds for the worthwhile cause.”

If you’re visiting us on Sunday, Nicola will be situated in the castle courtyard, so make sure you hunt her out and help us if you can!