Quick, here’s Roger!

Two elderly male ducks down on our farm haven’t shown signs of slowing down when it comes to hunting out their favourite snack.


Eleven-year-old brothers, Adam and Barbara (yes, keepers got it wrong when they were sexed!) hot-foot it around the petting enclosure when they know mealworms are on offer.

Keepers scatter the tasty treat over the ground for the pair to hunt out, but they have to be quick before Roger the turkey gets to the grub first!

Trainee keeper Clare Westwood said: “I scatter mealworms around the paddock and around the logs, but I like to make sure our old boys get there first.

“They are both very old for ducks – they usually live to around eight years – but they sure move fast when they see Roger about!”



CAPTIONS: TOP: Trainee keeper Clare Westwood makes sure Adam and Barbara get their favourite treats.  ABOVE: Quick off the mark: Adam and Barbara.