Pygmy Pam

Pam, our breeding female pygmy marmoset, has sadly passed away unexpectedly, but her legacy lives on as her offspring have helped establish new groups of their own across the UK.


The ten-year-old joined us from Dublin Zoo in 2013 to start a new group of the world’s smallest monkey species with male, Hendrix.

Pygmy marmosets, which are classed as a vulnerable species on the IUCN Red List, live in large groups consisting of a breeding pair and their offspring. They typically give birth to twins each litter and we’ve had fantastic success, welcoming 28 babies over the years.

Many of their offspring have relocated to other animal collections throughout the country, including Chester, Burford, Newquay and Northumberland, where some have even gone on to have babies of their own.

We’re currently awaiting lab results to establish Pam’s cause of death.

In the meantime, keepers will have to separate the current group in the Small Primate House.

We’ll also be consulting with the studbook holder, with plans to bring in a recommended unrelated female to pair with one of our younger males in the hope of restarting a new family group in the future.